Options for Dental Implant Restoration After Damage

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option for dental implant restoration after damage

The repair of dental implants is a popular method for replacing missing teeth and restoring a person’s smile. Consult your dentist to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment if you have lost a tooth or several teeth. Our dentist in Danvers can use implants in a few different ways to help you regain full mouth function. Additionally, you

might feel good about how you look and have good oral health.
Discover a few options for repairing damaged implants by reading on.

Replacement of an implant

Unfortunately, replacing an implant is not a simple process. The dental implant restoration procedure might involve up to four steps and a lengthy amount of time:

  • Remove the old implant surgically.
  • Transplant bone onto the jawbone.
  • Implanting fresh implants surgically
  • Fix additional teeth

The amount of recovery time needed between each phase might be considerable, particularly for patients who need a bone graft. Before starting the process, it is essential to have the entire mouth carefully evaluated due to the time and money required to repair a loose implant.

Different types of implant restorations

Your dentist near you will first figure out how many of your teeth need to be replaced. This is crucial since it determines the kind of replacement tooth (or teeth) that will be used. Implant-supported crowns, implant-supported bridges, and implant-supported dentures are the three primary alternatives for dental implant restoration.

Whether you are missing one tooth or an entire arch, there are numerous dental implants that can be used to treat your particular situation. A few dental implant restorations are listed below:

  • Single tooth restoration: The implant is positioned to fill the space created by a missing tooth. Following healing, the artificial tooth is joined to the implant via an abutment.
  • Multiple tooth restoration: There are a few different options available. If a row of teeth is lost, implants are positioned at either end of the space to support a replacement bridge made up of many teeth. Utilizing a single tooth repair for each empty space is an additional choice.
  • Complete arch restoration: A complete arch restoration can be utilized if the top or bottom of the mouth lacks a full arch. To enable the attachment of a permanent overdenture, dental implants are positioned at regular intervals throughout the mouth’s arch. Again, each missing tooth can also be restored as a single tooth.

Regardless of what your particular situation calls for, a solution is conceivable. To locate the ideal restoration, dental implants in Danvers will cooperate with you.

Dental implants will provide you with a comfortable and dependable option for replacing your missing teeth. Patients who have one or more missing teeth can experience outstanding outcomes that are just as durable as real teeth.

How to choose the right dental implant restoration

The number of lost teeth is, of course, the primary consideration when determining which dental implants near you are best. An implant crown can be used to replace a single lost tooth, but an implant-supported bridge or dentures are needed to replace several missing teeth. When many crowns or a partial denture supported by implants are options, it’s crucial to explore all of your options with the dentist.

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